8 free must-have travel apps to make your trip easier

September, 21 2017 ( Updated October, 03 2017)

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A bit of planning and the use of modern technology can make your vacation or weekend trip relaxing and stress free. Whether you are taking a 3-week vacation or a weekend trip, having the right apps on your phone goes a long way. From planning your trip to deciding where to eat once you have arrived at your destination, there are plenty of apps to help you along the way. We have compiled a list of free useful travel apps you shouldn’t travel without. Before you leave on your holiday, make sure you’ve downloaded these on your phone.



When planning your trip, comparing and finding the most affordable flight is exhausting and costs you a lot of time. Hopper is an award-winning travel app for booking flights on your mobile devices. A great advantage over other flight-booking apps is that Hopper tells you the best time to book the flights you’re looking for. When you enter your dates, the app will predict the cheapest time to buy your tickets and will advise you whether you should wait or book right away. You’ll also get a direct notification as soon as the price dropped. The app does so by collecting data from historical archives of flight prices and then analysing them.  There are no annoying ads and no popups so that you can book your tickets hassle-free.



After you’ve easily booked your flights with Hopper, your trip can finally start and it’s time to pack. If you like organising and making lists, you’ll love PackPoint. This app generates a list of what to pack for you, based on your length of travel, the weather at the destination and the kind of activities that you have planned during your stay. The app will list all necessary items that you need for your trip. It is also very easy to add something or delete items from the list you don’t need. Going on a trip with your travel buddy? No problem, you can simply share your list with others.



Thanks to the apps mentioned above, you’ve managed to plan your trip wisely and hassle-free. All you need now are your travel documents. But why print them and waste space in your bags when you can easily store all your documents on your mobile device? TripIt is your master travel planner which allows you to store all your travel plans in one place. It takes all necessary information from emails you have received and creates a single itinerary for your trip. This itinerary can be accessed from anywhere and any device and can easily be shared with others which is a benefit when planning a trip with a larger group.



Citymaps2go is the ideal app for travellers who want to be prepared for their trip. The app shows you places to stay, places to eat and interesting places to visit at your destination. It offers both online and offline maps and lets you save all the places you love. You can plan your trip using tips from local experts and other travellers’ favourite spots. You can also book your attraction tickets and guided tours directly through the app and share your experience with all your friends.



Are not sure how to find your way through the city and use public transport once you’ve arrived at your destination? Citymapper, available in 39 cities, is another perfect journey planner to help you navigate around. Including real-time departures and disruption alerts, it has never been this easy to get from A to B.



XE Currency is the one app you should use for currency rates when going overseas. The app knows every currency in the world, shows historic currency charts and lets you calculate prices using its calculator. And the best thing is, it also works without an internet connection if you save the latest updated rates.


Google Translate

Google Translate has always been an essential travel app. It allows you to translate words and phrases in over 100 languages. The app’s latest feature allows you to point your phone camera towards any written text or sign and translates it for you, even without a data connection. This is very handy if you are in a country where you aren’t familiar with the language.



Polarsteps is your very own digital travel journal. It makes the job of keeping a journal much easier for you by automatically tracking your route and the places that you visit while you are travelling with your phone in your pocket. The app creates a beautiful travel journal for you and transfers it to your traveller profile once you are online. You can share this with your friends and family to keep them updated about where you are and what you’re doing. At the end of your trip, you can turn your memories into a printed photo album.


Thanks to smartphones and especially the apps we presented to you, planning your trip and travelling has gotten so much easier. All the information you need can be stored in one place and will be available at your fingertips.


So, what are you waiting for? Download and try them!


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