A day in the lovely village of Laglio

June, 12 2017 ( Updated August, 26 2021)

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Located between Mount Colmegnone and Lake Como, the small village of Laglio is a picture postcard manifestation of everything that Italy has to offer. With limestone mountains covered in forests, pastel coloured villas, and white swans on the lake, Laglio has always provided a romantic backdrop that has attracted tourists for a long time.

One of the other reasons why Laglio came to the limelight is because of famous actor George Clooney. Clooney owns a residence in this beautiful town and often spends his summers here. Interestingly, there is quite a bit more to do at this enchanting village beside staring at George’s villa in the hopes of catching a glimpse of him.
Laglio is an ideal place on Lake Como to spend a quiet day or two away from the bustling city life. It's quiet and serene environment helps tourists relax and unwind. Here is our guide to getting around and exploring this enchanting little village.



The best way to discover this quiet village is definitely on foot or on a bicycle. There aren’t many attractions, so a day is enough to discover this village. If you are not interested in the buildings and monuments, just cycling or walking along the alleyways with pastel coloured buildings on both sides and admiring the beauty of nature is also a pretty good experience. The lake and the surrounding hills reward you with a panoramic view. The hills are lined with vineyards, olive groves and laurel plants.


Laglio is also populated with medieval buildings similar to the other towns that surround Lake Como. The church of San Giorgio built in the 17th century is the most famous building of them all. The church contains works of art ranging from 17th-century paintings to sculptures by renowned artists. It also contains mortar works and friezes (sculptured horizontal band in architecture) by Stefano Salterio, a Laglio-born artist. But the most interesting piece of art is the altarpiece of Madonna del Rosario by Carlo Innocenzo Carloni.



Last but not the least, you have the 18th century Villa Oleandra, which is one of the prime reasons why Laglio is famous across the globe, as it is the summer house of George Clooney.
While there are a few notable attractions at Laglio, there are also a number of options in terms of food.

Ristorante La Locanda del Cantiere is the most famous restaurant in Laglio which is built on a former shipyard and serves up authentic Italian food. They also have a brilliant collection of wine ranging from the 80s till now. It has a boat mooring for every kind of boat.

All in all, Laglio is a beautiful town to enjoy a holiday on Lake Como. With a romantic backdrop and a quiet atmosphere, it is an ideal place to escape the concrete jungles and live at one of our luxurious holiday homes in a place with rich architectural history with a calming ambience.  


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