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May, 26 2017 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

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Lake Garda is said to have charmed poets and authors for centuries and that is reflected in their work. Sirmione which happens to be one of the significant towns on Lake Garda, had charmed the Roman historian Catullus, who had given the town the name “the pearl of the islands and peninsulas”. Located on the southern bank of the lake, it is frequented by tourists because of its medieval vibes. With historic castles, villas and cobbled streets, this town can easily take you back in time. But Sirmione’s charm isn’t just restricted to its rich history. It sets the mood for a perfect getaway with its long, warm beaches and waterfront cafes.

We list out a few reasons why Sirmione should be on your travel list:  



Take a trip back in time

The town is known for its medieval architecture, artistic heritage, historic castles and the ruins from an ancient Roman villa. The most famous is the Villa Romana or the Grotte di Catullo which are the ruins of the famous Catullan family’s summer home. The three-storeyed villa is filled with olive groves purple flowers, honey coloured stones and triple arched windows. One can take the toy train which travels from the heart of the town up the slope to the villa as it takes you around town.


Enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the waterfront cafes

Sirmione’s waterfront is populated by quaint boutique cafes that have magnificent views of the lake. Sipping a cup of coffee while watching the sun set on the lake is a leisurely thing to do in this town. If you don’t know where to start, you can always start with Lagoa cafe or Caffe Grande Italia who offer not just good food, but good cocktails too while you enjoy panoramic views of the waterfront.


Relax and heal yourself at one of the thermal baths

The two thermal baths in Sirmione draw water from the lake using metal pipes that have been there for centuries. The water is rich in minerals and is at a temperature of 70°C when it leaves the bedrock. It is said to have healing properties and is used for health treatments.



Enjoy the calm waters on the beach

Although there are a few beaches in Sirmione, the best is the Giamaica beach. This long, narrow and peaceful beach is situated right below the cliffs which house the Grotte di Catullo. The blue water and the smooth pebbles make it a picturesque beach to relax, unwind and enjoy the sunset on the lake. You can either take a dip in the clear waters or visit any of the beach bars to have a drink.


Have a scoop of the local ice-cream

Sirmione is home to some of the finest gelato shops that dot the shores of the lake. Made with locally sourced ingredients, these gravity defying ice creams topped with fresh fruits are a must have in Sirmione, and especially since you are in Italy - the land of Gelato. Cremeria Bulian and Gelateria Mancini are the two most famous shops known for their ice creams and frozen yoghurts.


Sirmione is a splendid town to enjoy your vacation on Lake Garda. From lip-smacking food and delicious wine to rich architectural heritage, this town is perfect to spend a leisurely day. Besides relaxing and enjoying the food, tourists can also take part in a number of recreational activities and water sports.


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