Livigno: The skiing paradise

November, 06 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

As one of the most well-equipped ski resorts in the Alps, Livigno’s growing popularity as a skiing destination is not surprising at all. Every year millions of people arrive at this tiny little village which is known as being a sure snow destination with varied ski slopes and dependable infrastructure. The skiing season is long and usually begins from the end of November and stretches till early May. We have listed down some of the things that make Livigno a must visit skiing destination:

Geography has the answer to everything: Livigno is a ski resort situated in Lombardy region of Italy very close to the Swiss border. The unique location of the destination ensures that there is sure snow for a good skiing season which stretches for no less than half a year. The quality of snow in the destination and its secluded location has earned it the name of “Little Tibet”. The place is perfect for skiing with the slopes of all varieties to the delight of everyone- from beginners to enthusiasts.

Never get tired of skiing: Livigno has about 115 kilometer of perfectly tended slopes which invites skiers at every level of expertise. There are 12 black runs, 37 red and 29 blue slopes for beginners, intermediate and enthusiasts. There are three snow parks laden with fresh snow which make sure that you have a lot of space and opportunity to ski. Livigno offers excellent opportunities to enjoy cross country skiing for all kinds of difficulty level. There is about 30-kilometer cross-country ski trail with a mix of easy and difficult sections. Another thing that sets Livigno apart as a skiing destination is its night skiing facility which is worth trying once.

Modern and dependable infrastructure: There are 6 cableways, 13 chair lifts and 11 ski lifts on two mountain slopes to serve people coming to the destination and making skiing an enjoyable, comfortable and safe adventure sport. In the last few years, Livigno has developed its infrastructure to become every skier’s and snowboarder’s paradise. There are also about 150 certified and trained ski instructors to teach skiing, especially to children who love such outdoor activities.

Beautiful landscape: Livigno is surrounded by two national parks. The high position and long ridges offer beautiful views of the valley during your skiing expedition. The place is sparsely populated and during the peak season, it is a treat to go around the village and explore the views of snow covered region.

Livigno as a full-fledged tourist destination: Living holds a different charm for tourists because of its developed and highly mature tourism facilities. For accommodation, you can definitely choose from the wide range of beautiful and affordable holiday homes run by Happy Holiday Homes. The village is a little far from the airport, but a reliable transport system makes sure that you can reach Livigno whenever you want to from any part of the world. The food and tax-free shopping opportunities at Livigno is something to drool over. The village has a unique native cuisine which can’t be missed. Alcoholic beverages are extremely inexpensive and shopping, quite affordable, but subject to export limitations. As a tourist destination, Livigno authorities also organise a number of festivals and events to entertain the tourists coming to the destination from across the globe.  

Livigno is a destination which promises something to everyone. Whether you are an outdoor junkie, a seasoned skier, a foodie or a native culture aficionado, Living always ensures that you have a great stay at this ski resort. If you happen to come here, don’t forget that skiing is its main highlight and any visit without trying your hands at it is only half the fun. So plan a holiday, pack your bags and come to Livigno, because after six months' wait, finally, November is arriving.

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