Lake Como or Lake Maggiore: Finding a suitable holiday destination for you

October, 15 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

Lake Como
Lake Maggiore
Lake Como or Lake Maggiore?  It is never easy to choose between the two incredibly beautiful Italian lakes. While Lake Como has been a famous and a much loved holiday destination for Europeans, Lake Maggiore has its own list of famous personalities who have been enchanted by its beauty. We compare these two holiday destinations to find out the unique charms of these two destinations:

Reaching the lakes
It is easy to reach both Lake Maggiore and Lake Como from anywhere in the world thanks to their proximity to Milan. The closest airport to both the lake destinations is less than 50 kilometers and well-connected to lake towns.  From Milan, Lake Como is less than an hour away and Lake Maggiore is only a little over an hour. The ease of connectivity and a lot of transport options such as train, bus, and car mean that these two destinations are easily accessible. So if you have decided to set up your base at one of these destinations you don’t need to worry about transport and connectivity. The lake towns on both these lakes are well-connected by road, rail and water transport. Even in the off-season the ferry services and public transport are highly dependable.

Highlights and specialties:
As lake destinations surrounded by mountains, both these places promise stunning landscape, amazing hiking opportunities and plenty of natural attractions. In addition, a long history of human habitation in these areas has left its mark through historical and archaeological attractions such as magnificent villas and colourful patrician houses. While Villa Carlotta and Villa Balbianello is not to be missed on your Lake Como vacation, the three Borromean islands- Isola Bella, Isola Madre, and Isola dei Pescatori warrant a visit on your Lake Maggiore vacation. But Lake Como enjoys an upper hand when it comes to historical attractions. Lake Maggiore is more well-known for its gardens, such as Isola Bella garden, which is an island turned into a garden, Villa Taranto garden to name a few which are horticultural wonders.

Shopping and Dining:
Lake Como is more touristy than Lake Maggiore and has a slightly more mature and advanced tourism infrastructure. Known for its silk all over the world, Lake Como counts some of the most well-known celebrities as the connoisseur of its beauty and silk. There are also amazing restaurants, of which many are family owned, which offer a wide range of authentic Italian cuisine. However, this does not mean that Lake Maggiore is far behind in offering a fantastic dining and shopping opportunities. In fact, Lake Maggiore boats of a cuisine which are local to the region in addition to Italian dishes. Also, Lake Maggiore is also a more affordable destination than Lake Como and less crowded which makes the overall experience of hanging around better and smooth.

Lake Towns:
Nothing precedes the fame and beauty of Bellagio, a lake town on Lake Como popular for its cobbled streets, gardens, and landscape. The beauty and charm of Bellagio can be attributed to its unique location on Lake Como. The place is situated on the cape of the land mass that divides Lake Como into two. It looks across the northern arm of the lake on one side and the Alps on the other. But other lake towns such as Menaggio, Como, Varenna are no less. With its churches, museums, parks, palaces, squares, gardens and pleasant walks along the shore, the visitors are indeed spoilt for choice in this beautiful lakeside town! On Lake Maggiore, on the other hand, the most famous town and tourist hub are Stresa. It has amazing dining options and is a great place to begin your Lake Maggiore expedition. For the best landscape, Pallanza is a privileged town which offers incredible views of the Borromean gulf. Other lake towns include Verbania, Baveno, Laveno, but the unique charm of staying on Lake Maggiore can be experienced from small hamlets on its shore.

Additionally, the Swiss parts of Lake Maggiore is a different story altogether. The beauty and charm of places like Locarno and Ascona are beyond description.

Both Lake Como and Lake Maggiore are a great choice for a memorable vacation. While there are a lot of similarities between the two places, they are also quite different and promise unique experiences. Both these destinations have been praised and immortalised in the works of artists who have quoted their experience as nothing less than surreal. Book a holiday now and find out how close your experience is to theirs.  


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