Enjoy a gastronomic extravaganza in Lugano this autumn

September, 27 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

Lake Lugano
Lugano is a city known for its refreshing Ticinese climate and a highly mature gastronomic scene. Even during late September and October, when the winter has already set in many parts of Switzerland, the average temperature in Lugano is around 16 degrees. The climate is perfect for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, biking, and also to enjoy a number of water sports. But it is the local culinary delights which steal the show during this time of the year.

In the first weekend of October (this year it is 30th Sep-2nd Oct), the  streets in Lugano turn into a site of extravaganza where the fresh local autumn harvest is celebrated with pomp and show. The Autumn Food Festival is the last open-air event of the year in Lugano and is among the top 10 best food festivals celebrated in all over the world. It is a festival of local Ticinese cuisine, wine, grapes, chestnuts which is celebrated with local folk music, colours and traditional rituals. Numerous grottini which are operated by local companies appear in the city centre and invite people to taste the local produce such as polenta with stew or beans and mortadella or roast pork, risotto, minestrone, gnocchi and many other exquisite local delights. The festival attracts people of all ages with its wide range of culinary offerings, entertainers and artists.

It is undoubtedly the best time of the year to be here in Lugano. Even if you miss the festival, there is nothing to be worry about because you can still enjoy the amazing local food and wine of the region at the numerous grottos here. These grottos are a happy change from the more mainstream restaurants and can be often found in remote and shaded areas. They serve the most authentic native cuisine and take pride in the traditional flavours of the region. On your vacation here, you must definitely binge on local products and dishes such as home-made cold cuts (especially salami and bologna sausage), vegetable soup, busecca, risotto, marinated fish and veal tonne. The roast beef is often served with salad and sautéed potatoes and cannot be missed at any cost. Other dishes worth trying are polenta with braised meat, rabbit, cazzöla, mushrooms and cheese portions, zabaglione, bread cake and wine flavoured peaches. The local wine, most famous among them is Ticino Merlot, is served in small jugs and is best enjoyed in these grottos or the numerous cellars around the city. Since this is also the season of grape harvest, tourists also love to go for wine tours and witness the process of winemaking.

The pleasant autumn season is a perfect excuse for foodies and wine aficionados to head towards this part of Switzerland and to enjoy some of the most exquisite and mouth savouring traditional dishes in the most favourable climate. The weather is perfect to go for a walk along the lake and stop by to dine whenever one fancies. The crowd has thinned by now and the region seems to be gradually preparing itself for the coming winter.

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