Lugano for young travellers

August, 22 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

Active holiday
Lugano is a charming lake town which is at once vibrant and calm. Although it is mostly known as a luxury destination, the town is a great place for young travellers too. The infrastructure of the lake town is developed keeping in mind the entertainment needs of the younger generation. Characterized by its historical center and calm waters, the town is full of cool and chic places to hangout. High on energy, the laketown has a lot of modern establishments such as casinos, bars, theatres, and hosts a number of music festivals and concerts which appeals the young tourists. A thriving tourist destination, Lugano attracts young travelers who love to alternate between its fashionable boutiques and street markets, clubs and cultural events, a romantic walk along the waterfront and challenging serpentine hiking trails. Some of the things which young visitors enjoy here are:

Lake delights: It is highly recommended to enjoy the scenic beauty of the beautiful lake and the surrounding mountains on a boat ride. It is easy to rent motor boats and pedal boats to explore the lake. The view that one enjoys from the lake is very different and more beautiful than the one from the dry land. Lugano is also a good place to enjoy various kinds of watersports which young travellers love to try. There are schools where they teach sailing, stand up paddling, kayaking and a lot of other such sports on the lake. However, those who do not want to indulge in such adventure sports and prefer a quiet and relaxed holiday can sit on the shore and enjoy fishing or simply lounge on the various public beaches.

Nightlife: Lugano is a unique town which appeals the young travellers with its countryside charm as well as modern and trendy entertainment zones. Once the evening is under way, people love to hit the casinos, bars and clubs in the town and in the areas around it. Lugano has an enchanting nightlife and there are plenty of places that can be visited to make the night an eventful affair. Casino Lugano, for instance, is considered a landmark in Ticino for entertainment with its elaborate gaming scene, bars and restaurants. For those who do not want to miss the view of the picturesque landscape can enjoy open air cinema at the Lido of Lugano. However, there is a large multiscreen cinema in the vicinity too. The cinema mostly plays Italian movies so check the schedule if you want to watch an English film.

Events and Concerts: A legacy in art and culture topped by the serene landscape and pleasant weather, Lugano makes for a perfect destination to host and enjoy a number of events. Poetry festivals, cultural workshops, concert nights, sports and music events are just some of the many things that are organised in Lugano. Summer is especially a busy season when young tourists and visitors come to participate in the numerous events that are planned during this time. The lake town is known to attract major musical bands and celebrities who love to perform in front of the beautiful and cheering crowd of Lugano.

Active Holiday: Lugano is beautifully nestled between the charming lake and mountains rising from its periphery. A number of young travellers love to explore these hilltops which are made easily accessible by the funicular cables and mountain trains. However, those who love adventure and active holidays can hike to the mountains and enjoy the countryside charms of the villages surrounding Lugano. Mountain biking is another common adventure sport that tourists can enjoy here. The most interesting hamlets around the town are Gandria and Bre. They offer exquisite views of the landscape as well as a sneak peek into the traditional lifestyle of the local inhabitants.

Shopping: Lugano together with some nearby places make for an amazing shopping destination. The young visitors can shop for a wide variety of things at the various kinds of shops which include departmental stores, dedicated boutiques, local street markets and many different establishments. Once you are here, do not forget to look for delectable Swiss chocolates, fresh farm produce and enviable leather goods.  The Piazza della Reforma which is located at the Lugano center is an incredible place which promises an unforgettable shopping experience with its beautiful market and a number of cafes where you can sit and enjoy a quick glimpse into the local life.  Via Nassa and Via Pessina are two of the most popular shopping streets found right in the heart of Lugano. They offer a fantastic range of shops from famous fashion designers' boutiques to footwear shops, wine shops and bakeries. There are also massive shopping centers and department stores nearby along with shopping streets. All these establishments and markets have different opening times and are closed on different days of the week. So it is advisable to check before heading to any of the markets or centers.

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