Head to Lake Maggiore for a relaxed holiday

August, 10 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

Lake Maggiore

If your idea of a holiday is spending hours sitting by the lake reflecting on its beautiful landscape, you can’t dream of a better destination than Lake Maggiore! The beautiful placid lake has a number of lesser known towns and villages which are great for a peaceful retreat. Not very far from the major tourist attractions, these smaller towns and villages allow you to enjoy the local culture in a pleasant weather and beautiful setting. The crowd is moderate and there are plenty of things to do and explore nearby if you feel like it. But if you don’t, the beautiful lake is always there to keep you company. Some of the beautiful lake towns that we think you should definitely stay at are:


Baveno greets you with a plenty of bars and promenades along the waterfront where you can enjoy your favourite gelato and a lovely view of the Borromean islands. The town is especially quiet and lost in its own reverie. There is a small historical center dominated by the 16th-century square and the parish church of Santi Gervasio and the Protasio Church. The Romanesque church has an ancient origin and looks exquisite in the evening sun. In fact, the Romanesque bell tower here dates 1050-1075 AD and is six storeys high. There are numerous villas in the town which further adorn its surroundings. The place is also famous for its pink granite which has been exported abroad and used in a number of iconic buildings across Europe. Baveno is popular for its mineral water springs, wellness centers and a quiet and relaxed environment. You will also find a number of restaurants which serve lip smacking local cuisine in the town. The tourist infrastructure is quite developed, so accessibility to more important towns is never a problem, especially when Stresa and Arona are only a couple of miles away.


Verbania is also known as a garden on the lake. The lake town is an important tourist center which welcomes tourists of all kinds, including hikers, bikers, history buffs, museum and nature lovers. The place owes its reputation to the numerous lakefront Mediterranean gardens and villas which define its topography. The most notable garden here is the one surrounding Villa Taranto. The colourful flowers and exotic plants here produce one of the rarest displays of beauty and harmony. Visitors often spend hours taking a luxurious stroll around the shore and the lush Mediterranean gardens.

The lake town includes some villages in its municipality and is also the gateway to Val Grande National Park, Monte Rosa and the Ossala Valley. This means that it is a special favourite of adventure junkies and outdoor lovers who love to explore the beautiful landscape on their walking and cycling tours. The lake water allows a number of water activities too such as wind-surfing, sailing and fishing. Verbania is a splendid place to stay on your next lake vacation.


Maccagno is a beautiful lake town which binds together a vast territory on the shore of Lake Maggiore under its municipality. It includes the flood plains of the Giona stream, series of mountains and also a small lake called Lake Delio in one of the corners. Although the town has about eight hamlets under it, the number of the inhabitants is only about 8000.  As a result, the place is known to offer a variety of experience and spaces for a relaxed vacation. The Giona stream has divided the entire territory into two, one being marked by urban infrastructure while the other retains its historical charm, and hence, cobbled streets, packed colourful buildings and ancient structures. Therefore, while you find ancient structures, narrow streets and an imperial tower in one part, the town also welcomes you to its modern courtyards and loggias. Maccagno offers very good spots to behold the entire span of the Verbano area on Lake Maggiore which you shouldn’t miss during your stay here.


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