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July, 18 2016 ( Updated September, 08 2021)

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The city of Rome is a unique symposium of art and culture from different periods of history. A visit to Rome is akin to walking through the history of Western civilization as it comes alive through its unique art, architecture and structures. Rome is beautiful but it is also expensive, especially because of those costly tickets to the museums and attractions. To add to it, there are just so many places to visit and things to do that you need at least three days for a proper holiday. The steep prices of the museums and art galleries along with accommodation and food could burn a huge hole in your pocket. However, it is possible to do Rome on a budget if you plan your visit smartly. Here are some of the few tips we think will help you make the most of your Rome vacation without upsetting your wallet.

Use public transport and walk the distances: The traffic in Rome is considered chaotic by many and hiring a cab or taxi could be expensive. But this is not simply the reason why you should opt for public transport. The public transport system of Rome is well maintained and the stops are quite close to the attractions. However, if you are a group of more than 4 people, hiring a cab or taxi might be a better choice. Allocate different days for various sections of the city that you want to cover in a day so that you don’t waste time shuttling from one place to another. This means that once you have arrived at the destination you can simply walk and cover all the attractions in that part of the city. Walking through the ancient streets of Rome is an amazing and insightful experience. If you like some company you can take a free walking tour which starts from Piazza di Spagna at 17:30 every day of the week and covers the Angels of Bernini, Queen Margherita’s tomb, the big Trompe l’oeil and a further exploration of Piazza di Spagna, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain.

Multi-day travel passes: There are a number of passes which can help you to substantially reduce your expenses of visiting attractions and monuments. The most popular among these passes is the Roma pass which is valid for 3 days and allows you to visit two participating attractions for free and other places at a discounted price. It’s a wise choice to visit the two most expensive attractions on your list on this pass. You can also enjoy unlimited rides on public transport for free for three days. Some of the other passes are Roma Pass Piu, Appia Antica Card, Museo Nazionale Romano and Archeologia Card. All these passes are valid for a different number of days and allow discounted or free entry to various places. You can also book all these passes online. Also visitors can enjoy free admission to state-run attractions on the first Sunday of every month. So, go, make the most of the discounts and passes.

Plan in advance and avoid holidays: Rome is an extremely busy tourist destination, but don’t let that deter you from visitingthis amazing place. The trick is to plan your vacation smartly so that you do not arrive there on holidays when the attractions remain closed. This is especially a problem for those who plan to travel on travel passes, for example, the Roma Pass which is valid only for three days . Most of the attractions are closed on Monday so make sure that if you are visiting the city for less than a week, you avoid the day and make the most of your travel pass. Also, it is advisable not to visit during those months when it’s either very hot or the rest of Italy is here for vacation. In short, avoid August because it’s the peak season. Booking your flight and accomodation in advance obviously helps you save some more.

Visit public parks, piazzas and Spanish steps: The best thing about Rome is that you can enjoy this historical city without spending a dime because some of the best art and architectures are literally scattered on the road.The popular Trevi fountain or the various Piazzas in the city are architectural marvels and can be visited without having to spend anything. Similar is the case of the Spanish Steps, the iconic steps which have been featured in a number of films is a tourist hotspot. You can enjoy the monumental steps without having to pay anything anywhere. You can also hang out with family and friends and enjoy a picnic in one of the various beautiful parks in the city. They don’t only give you respite from the summer heat but are tourist spots in their own rights.

Visit the churches: Roman churches are a primary site of pilgrimage and attract people from all across the globe. These churches house some of the most famous paintings and sculptures of Rome. Visiting the churches is, of course, free but they are also the best places to enjoy classical artwork. Instead of a museum, it is better to visit these splendid works of art in the church which are their natural environment.

What to eat and inexpensive dining options: There is one thing that you should absolutely try when in Rome: fill yourself with gourmet gelato. They are tasty, come in all kinds of flavor and are ridiculously cheap. Rome takes pride in its cuisine and food culture. The best way to enjoy Italian food is to look for family-owned restaurants and cafés. They usually serve fresh and select number of yummy dishes with rich traditional flavours. There are too many dining options here and many of them are not very expensive. You will find them easily if you look for them, but care to find out about coperto charges (Restaurants in Italy charge the Coperto as a cover charge which would be added to the overall food and beverage bill).

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