Spend a day exploring the gardens of Lake Maggiore

July, 12 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

Lake Maggiore
Gardens are to Lake Maggiore, what villas are to Lake Como!  While some of these gardens are famous for their elegance and beauty, others are also known for their generous expanse and the incredible variety of flora. Thanks to the climate of the region and the meticulous efforts by experts to maintain them, these gardens overlooking the shore of the beautiful Lake Maggiore present a sight beyond imagination.We list some of the most famous gardens that can be easily covered in a day during your vacation on Lake Maggiore:

Isola Bella Garden:

Isola Bella Garden is a beautiful landscaped Italian garden designed by a group of famous architectures during the 17th century on one of the Borromean islands. The garden is full of exotic and rare plants which grow luxuriantly all over the island, thanks to the mild climate here. The garden is spread across ten terraces and is decorated with ponds, fountains and a number of balustrades, hedges and statues. The white peacocks that can often be spotted in the manicured lawns are quite popular among visitors. Isola Bella Garden is a must visit on your Lake Maggiore trip because of the sheer beauty of the place and the fantastic panoramic view of the landscape that can be enjoyed from the garden.

Isola Madre Garden:

Isola Madre garden is among the oldest botanic gardens in Italy. The microclimate on the island allows the growth of some of the rarest sub-tropical and exotic plants. Some of the trees in the garden are about a century old. The garden is spread over about 8 hectares and is mostly styled in the English way with boulevards and promenades. The garden is also home to beautiful multi-coloured birds.The Isola Madre garden as it stands today is a product of subsequent efforts to beautify the island over the centuries. From a place where once existed an olive grove, it has been beautifully transformed into a garden with terraces and manicured flower beds. There are telescopes installed around the garden to enjoy the view along the paths which wind in strange patterns.

Villa Taranto Garden:

Villa Taranto Garden is famous all over the world for the large number of plant types that can be found here. The botanic garden is a riot of colours and fragrances with more than 1000 species of plants spread harmoniously over 16 hectares of land. The garden is the brainchild of Scottish captain Neil McEacharn who bought the villa in 1931 with the specific intention of creating a garden on the shores of Lake Maggiore. The garden and the villa has been maintained superbly by the authorities even after his death. The garden is full of eucalyptus, azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias, maples, dahlias, tulips and dozens of tropical plants.

Parco Pallavicino Garden:

Located only a few minutes from the center of Stresa, Parco Pallavicino Garden is an interesting combination of zoo, historic villa and Italian garden. The garden is spread over about 20 hectares full of rare and exotic plants. One can also spot more than 40 species of mammals and a dozen of rarely seen birds which makes it a particular favourite of kids. The cypress arches along the Lake Maggiore is one of the most iconic images of the garden and the area itself.

All these gardens on Lake Maggiore are open to public and can be covered in a single day from Stresa. The visit to gardens make for a memorable outing with friends and family and should not be missed.

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