Destination in Focus: Oggebbio, Lake Maggiore

June, 07 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

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Lake Maggiore
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Oggebbio is a small, but beautiful municipality comprising of 15 picturesque villages which extend from the western shore of Lake Maggiore to the slopes of the adjoining mountain. These villages are quite popular among tourists and artists who come here to enjoy the natural surroundings, beautiful beaches, historic churches, grand villas and great views. The destination with its pleasant microclimate, clear lake water and fresh mountain air is a wonderful place to unwind during vacation. Gonte is the main village in the commune and has the most developed tourist infrastructure.  The other fourteen villages are Barbè, Resega, Rancone, Cadessino, Mozzola, Quarcino, Square, Dumera, Pieggio, Spasolo, Cadevecchio, Travallino, Camogno, Novaglio. Oggebbio promises an eventful and memorable vacation on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Some of the things you can do during your vacation in Oggebbio are:

Indulge in lakeside pursuits: The lakefront villages are endowed with beautiful beaches. Some of these beaches have snack bars and places where one can relax and breathe in the charm of Lake Maggiore. One can rent boats from the quaint harbours and enjoy the wonderful vistas of the lake. People can also indulge in various kinds of watersports or simply relax on the beach, sunbathing. In some of these villages, you can also find weekly markets which stretch to the shore and create a lively atmosphere.

Appreciate the villas and the gardens: There are splendid liberty style villas surrounded by charming gardens full of rare Mediterranean plants. Villa Anelli and Villa Pasha are among the most popular villas in the vicinity. It is often claimed that Pasha Drahnet - a dignitary of the Egyptian vice-king - hosted Giuseppe Verdi in his home and here Verdi was inspired to compose the opera “Aida”. The villages have a number of patrician houses too which make a tour to these places a nice experience.

Take a walk in the Romanesque Churches:  Each village under the municipality of Oggebbio has at least one church and all of them have brilliant Renaissance and Gothic features. The most remarkable church among them is the parish church of San Pietro in Gonte because of its 42 metres high bell tower which is the highest in the upper Verbano area. Other notable churches include the Oratory of Natività di Maria in Cadessino which is known for its magnificent series of 15th-century frescoes and the Santa Agata church on the historical road to Switzerland in Novaglio which is famous for its location on a natural rock formation overlooking the lake.

Hike to the surrounding mountains: A number of hiking trails can be undertaken from Oggebbio leading to the mountains which are a part of the Alps. The breathtaking panoramic views of the lake and the landscape are reasons enough for one to venture on these trails. A network of mule-tracks and paths take you to lesser known places surrounded by flora and fauna that are worth exploring.

Tourists can stay at some of the loveliest holiday homes overlooking the lake at Oggebbio. These holiday homes are equipped with all teh necessary amenities for a comfortable stay and equipped to make your vacation a memorable experience.

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