The Best of Lake Como Part 1: Gardens in Bellagio

June, 01 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

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With the Alps on the one hand and the ever-so-beautiful Lake Como on the other, Bellagio is often called the pearl of Lake Como. The lake town sits right on the cape of the landmass where the lake branches into two and is among the most popular destinations in the region. The tale of its popularity stretches back to centuries in history and the villas with their formal gardens are beautiful testimonies of that heritage. If you are here in the region for an unforgettable experience on Lake Como, you shouldn’t miss taking a guided tour through the gardens of Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi d’Eril.

The Villa Serbelloni Garden:
The 18th Century garden surrounding Villa Serbelloni is full of rare and exotic varieties of plants especially on the curved terraces which stretch out to the lake. The lower part of the garden is informal parkland with a long winding drive leading to the main house. The well-maintained garden and the park spread in over 20 hectares overlook the northern branch of the lake and the Pre-Alps making it an aesthetically pleasing sight. About the views that one can enjoy from here, Stendhal, the famous 19th-century French novelist, once wrote, “a sublime and enchanting spectacle, which the most renowned sight in the world ... does not surpass.”

Practical Information
Ticket Price (per person)
Adults  € 9.00
Children above the age of 7 years € 5.00
Guided tours of the gardens take place twice a day: at 11 am and at 3.30 pm for a minimum of 6 pax to a maximum of 30 pax
Before planning your visit, please check the website for updated information.
The Villa Melzi d’ Eril Garden:
The English-styled garden surrounding the 19th century Villa Melzi d’Eril stretches from the slopes near the lake to a higher point above the villa. The garden with its exotic plants, Japanese pond, Egyptian sculpture and Roman statues promises a wonderful experience as you move about its winding paths. The azaleas and rhododendrons which bloom during the spring, the maple and the cedar trees, and the water lilies in the Japanese pond enhance the beauty of the garden. As you move away from the shore to higher grounds, you will be mesmerized by the enchanting landscape.

Practical information
Ticket Price (per person)
Adults € 6.50
Group (MIN: 15 People) € 5.00
Free entrance for children up to the age of 12
Gravelled paths are accessible by wheelchair
Before planning your visit, please check the website for updated information.  
Bellagio is one of the most sought after lake towns for staying on Lake Como. The town can be easily reached by rail, water and road. You can choose form an array of beautiful holiday homes in Bellagio depending on your budget and preferences.

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