Budoni: An authentic Sardinian destination

May, 19 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

Cala di Budoni
La Cinta
Li Cucutti and Isuledda beach
Costa Smeralda
Domus de Janas
Su Entosu
San Pietro
Church of San Giovanni Battista

Nestled between green hills and azure blue coloured sea, Budoni is a beautiful village on the north eastern coast of Sardinia. The scenic landscape, spotless beaches and interesting archaeological remains have made this enchanting village very popular among visitors. Beachgoers can bask in the sun on the fine white sand to their heart’s content while the shallow water makes it safe for children to play on the beach. The shores are bordered by pine trees at a number of places which create a perfect setting for a pleasant, romantic stroll along the sea coast. There is a well-equipped marina too to make sure that you can venture into the sea whenever you feel like. Tourists flock to this tiny village during summers when they spend their time shopping, dining out and having a great time at the trendy clubs with family and friends.

Hit the beach

The privileged location of Budoni allows tourists staying in this beautiful village easy access to a number of beaches along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. These beaches are not only marked by their spectacular landscape but for the host of facilities they offer so that beachgoers have a great time. These beaches are bordered by palm trees, shops, restaurants, bars and clubs which make them quite a happening place to enjoy your vacation. Some of the most well-known beaches are Cala di Budoni, Sant’Anna, La Cinta, Li Cucutti and Isuledda beach. Budoni’s proximity to Costa Smeralda, the popular tourist destination contributes to its popularity among those tourists who want to set their base a little away from the hustle-bustle but do not want to miss the fun.

Do what the Sardinians do!

The village of Budoni allows tourists to be a part of an authentic Sardinian experience by welcoming them to explore its culture, vibrancy and lifestyle. A number of events and festivals are organised all through the year. The feasts and events are always the best time and occasion to enjoy a variety of unique dishes and wine. Themed parties are also organised for the entertainment of tourists. Budoni has a thriving nightlife which makes for good entertainment and fun all through the year in every season.

Explore the history of Budoni

The history of this village goes back to Neolithic times which is evident in the numerous monuments and artefacts one can find here and in the nearby hills. The Domus de Janas (a chamber tomb), the Su Entosu (a single-towered monument), the stazzi of San Pietro and the Church of San Giovanni Battista are all here and represent different ages in history. These monuments are not only popular for their historical and archaeological significance, but also because of the unique way in which they contribute to the landscape of the village.


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