Visiting Ticino's Parks in Autumn

October, 13 2021 ( Updated October, 13 2021)


Autumnal changes in this part of Switzerland mean cosy weather, foliage train journeying through wildly colourful landscapes of Centovalli and the lush greenery of 100-year-old trees transitioning to pure gold and shades of vibrant orange.

Add to this the seasonal chestnut-based delicacies and traditions, busy open-air markets offering rich varieties of cheese, wines and olive oil in historical towns and Ticino becomes one of the best places for witnessing autumn in Switzerland. 

Especially beautiful are the well-architectured and finely manicured gardens and parks with a wide and exotic variety of flora here. 

Therefore, let’s have a look at some of the most captivating parks in the Ticino area to make the most of your visit this autumn.


English-style gardens, primroses, year-round blooming magnolias and the pink tower with a memorable view of Monte Bre define a visit to Tassino Park. Located just a few steps from Lugano Railway Station, the park is a sight to watch in autumn as hundred-year-old trees turn to brilliant colours of auburn, gold, red and orange during the season.

The pink tower and surrounding foliage at Tassino Park

Villa Negroni Park in Lugano beautiful enclosures have the perfect blend of architecture and nature. This villa, which was once the point of focus in high society, is a must-visit as it has a rare and authentic Italian garden and an English-style park!

While you are at it, stroll through the centrally located yet serene Parco Ciani in the evening to see the luminescent city of Lugano reflected in the lake’s water.


In addition to diving into Bellinzona’s medieval castles and their magical ambience, Villa Dei Cedri Park or Cedar Park in the capital of Ticino is a treat for the eyes and soul during colourful autumn. From century-old ash, beech, oak and magnolia trees to sky-high conifers, this 19-th century villa deserves a full afternoon of its own.


An impressive 850-varieties of camellias and an even more impressive 9-month blooming period, along with labyrinthine paths and a stone amphitheatre with a calm naturalistic setting, definitely makes Camellia Park a gem to be discovered on your next visit to Locarno.

Camellia park, with its more than 800 varieties of camellias


Located in the picturesque village of Morcote, this 20th-century park was carefully brought to life and expanded by Hermann Arther Scherrer. Numerous artefacts belonging to a variety of cultures and art periods, a dizzying variety of trees that are known to change their leaves into enchanting autumnal shades and intricately decorated facades at Scherrer Park make it an unmissable stop. 

Exotic statues at Scherrer Park

Brissago Island 

The last park on our list, but by no means the last one on your list to visit in Ticino, is the Brissago Islands near Ascona. Formed out of a combination of Isola Piccola and Isola Grande, the park is a total treat for exotic plant enthusiasts and is part of the Gardens of Switzerland network. 

Azaleas, rhododendrons and more from East Asia, sage, rosemary and canarias from New Zealand as well as magnolias and agaves from Central America decorate this park near Ticino. 
Brissago Islands in Lake Maggiore

Summer lasts a little longer in this part of paradisiacal Switzerland and the presence of the beautiful Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano gives Ticino a unique Mediterranean and an overall mild atmosphere for travellers to enjoy a vacation here any time of the year. 

So, which little slice of heaven will you visit in Ticino next? Have a look at our best holiday homes near Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore.


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