Our First Digital Nomad Friendly Stop: Italy

October, 06 2021 ( Updated October, 06 2021)


Digital nomads may be taking a break from their usual 9-5 jobs or completely moving to this new, working while travelling, lifestyle. In either case, remote working has opened up possibilities for travelling and earning a living like never before. 

Many European countries like Spain, Italy and Croatia are also becoming more welcoming of digital nomads, with hosts starting to set up laptop-friendly holiday homes. Current visa policies and appealing incentives by these amazing tourist countries have further made becoming a digital nomad easier,  which means that the digital nomad community is only going to become bigger and more global in the future. 


So, if you want to give this lifestyle a try, then read on and find out about the most digital nomad friendly cities in our first stop, Italy!

Digital nomads can easily work outside


Down south, a more affordable Italian lifestyle with good sun and properties to laze by the pool makes Apulia the perfect destination to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle. 

Offering hidden beaches, crystalline waters and delicious white wines, Apulia or as it is known in Italy, Puglia, is ideal for those wanderers who enjoy the simpler yet rich things in life. This region also has great international mobility and opportunities for exploration as places like Bari have ferries that connect to Croatia, Greece and even Albania!

Lake Como

With fast internet, captivating villas to visit, beautiful public gardens and a picturesque setting ashore the magnificent Lake Como, what is not there to love about starting your digital nomad life here. In addition to being a highly popular tourist destination, Lake Como also has several co-working places and a friendly atmosphere perfect for working, networking and travelling. 

From lakeshore rentals to mountain-top retreats, you will find our diverse range of properties a perfect accompaniment to a digital nomad lifestyle here.

Lake Garda 

Around the majestic Lake Garda, cities like Verona have more than 20 co-working spaces, a good English-speaking population and international malls, meanwhile, Trentino has cheaper living costs and a beautiful mountain landscape. Choose what you may, living and working around Lake Garda means clear swimming waters, good Wi-Fi speed and reliable public transport to discover various stunning and unique Italian destinations.

Tip: Head to legendary windsurfing towns like Riva del Garda and Torbole Sul Garda if you are the sporty type!
Having fun surfing on Lake Garda is one of the pros of being a digital nomad in Riva del Garda


Trendy co-working spaces, relatively good internet speed and a vast history to dive in, make Florence an ideal digital nomad home, especially for art lovers. This rich cultural city is also great for those who want to explore the rolling Tuscan hills and countryside from a big-city base or take road trips to Chianti for exclusive wine-tasting tours. 

Some of the best co-working spaces for those who like a local company when abroad or travelling solo are Multiverso and Impact Hub, among others.


The gorgeous Italian Riviera shows off the same iconic setting of the land-sea-mountain as the French Riviera. In fact, the entire Ligurian coastline is home to tons of charming seaside towns like Alassio, Bordighera and the enchanting Cinque Terre which digital nomads would love to explore on their remote working trips or stays here. 

From the world-famous flower-town of San Remo to the lovely Capital of Genoa, you can potentially base yourself in several beautiful and cliff-hanging small towns and traditional villages with good Wi-Fi speed, delicious food and many, many things to do here.

Beautiful settings for smart working

Ancient heritage, lush countrysides full of vineyards, modern yet moderate pace of life, good nation-wide internet speed, overall low cost of living, upcoming co-working spaces and a widely varying landscape make Italy one of the top destinations for digital nomads.

So, are you ready to try the exciting life of a digital nomad? Discover our holiday homes for your perfect nomadic base in Italy.


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