Best Destinations For Holidays With Pets

September, 29 2021 ( Updated September, 29 2021)


If you do not leave your poochies behind when going out for dinner or an outing with friends, then why leave them behind when going on a holiday. After all, they need as much relaxation as you do, without having to miss you!

From pet games and agility fields to private areas equipped with pet bowls and plush welcome kits for your furry mate, these beach destinations have it all thought out in advance for when you and your pets are on a vacation together.

So, read on and find out about these amazing European destinations that have the most pet-friendly beaches!

In Barcelona, the famous Llevant Beach has a separate area dedicated to your four-legged buddy. Here, they can power their paws to a good speed on the 1200-metre-square sandy area, explore leash-free and even swim in the sea!

Barceloneta or Llevant Beach, Barcelona

In Croatia, the beautiful Crikvenica beach is an ultra pet-friendly destination with places like Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar offering unique creations like ice-creams and herbal teas for your pooch to cool down as well as spaces for them to stretch out their paws right next to your sunbeds!

Other popular Croatian holiday escapes with separate sections for your pet are Štinjanska bay in Pula, Brajdica in Rijeka and Beach Kasjuni in Split.

Crete is not only a paradise for your well-being and rejuvenation, but it is also a space for your pets to run free and bathe in the sea. Some pet-friendly beaches in Crete include the alluring pink-sand Elafonisi Beach and the comparatively less crowded Stavros Beach with a rugged coastline and a low tide perfect to let your poochie explore around without a leash.
Enjoy the sea with your poochie

In Cote D’Azur, where the coastline is dotted with iconic beaches and tourists from all over the world, the beaches from Villeneuve Loubet and Cagnes Sur Mer up to Menton welcome your pets. The quiet village of Villefranche Sur Mer also has a beach dedicated to dogs and is a blessing for pet parents on holiday with their four-pawed babies. So soak in the warm sunshine and the loveliness of the Riviera with your pets, and in case your’s is an especially energetic one, then don’t forget to bring along a ball!

Pet-friendly beaches like Spiaggia di Pluto demand special mention for being the biggest dog beach in Italy. Located in Veneto, this beach has large parasols and sunbeds for both of you to enjoy the calming waves and the cosy sun. 
Another beach worth mentioning is the Bau-Bau or the Dog beach in San Vincenzo. Also dubbed as the “beach of the free dogs”, this pet-friendly destination features services such as separate pet showers, dog trainers, pet shops and even vets!
Dogs having fun at the beach

Baba Beach is yet another super pet-friendly Italian beach in Alassio that features a lounge bar and cafe with a private area for your pets with parasols with nebulizers, maxi pooch pillows and a lush welcome kit to indulge your dear friend.

Generally, all these beaches freely allow pets from October to April, but on all these destinations you must leash your little friend if the beaches are crowded and also pick after them if they happen to do their business there. Meanwhile, for ease of travelling across Europe, the Pet Passport always comes in handy; this essential document is a legal record of your pooch’s vaccinations, other health records, date of birth and chip number.

So, have you decided where to take your all-time buddy on your next vacation? Take a look at our pet-friendly holiday homes in Italy, Côte D’Azur, Barcelona, Crete and Croatia.


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