Why you shouldn’t wait till summer to visit Costa Blanca

April, 20 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

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Why should you wait for summer to come to Costa Blanca when there is plenty of sun here throughout the year, hundreds of kilometres of sandy beaches, more than 20 golf courses, countless shopping options, a never-ending list of unique gastronomic delights and peaceful fishing villages waiting to welcome you? Costa Blanca is an amazing value for money destination during the off-season and can be visited literally any time during the year without compromising on the fun element.  

If you are not bound by school vacations, you should come here during the low season. In fact, it could be more rewarding, enriching and enjoyable to visit Costa Blanca for a holiday during the off-season. Here’s why:

The weather is always perfect!

Not many know that the weather in Costa Blanca is always perfect for a beach holiday. Even when a lot of the European destinations are literally frozen, the temperature here is well above 20 degrees. The best part is that the beaches are not crowded and you get plenty of room to enjoy the perfect beach holiday.

During off season when the temperature is more pleasant and suitable for being outdoor unlike the hot summers, you can also enjoy a number of adventure sports and outdoor activities. The unique topography of the place with its mountains and the sea allows you to try all kinds of land, air and water sports You can go scuba diving, snorkelling, mountain biking or take a flight in the hot balloon.

Enjoy the lowest prices and best deals

Airlines always structure flight prices according to demand. That is why the price of air tickets to Costa Blanca are low during the low season. Visiting the destination during these times could help you save a lot of money.

When it comes to accommodation, you can always find great deals during the off-season and stay at the best holiday homes without having to spend too much.   

You can also enjoy amazing off-season deals at the golf clubs here. The province has 22 wonderful golf courses.  The wonderful grass, idyllic setting and pleasant weather have made Costa Blanca quite a popular all-season golf destination.

Enjoy the destination at your own pace

During the peak seasons, the beaches and all the towns around Costa Blanca, not to mention the famous ones, i.e. Alicante, Denia, Altea and Javea are overrun by tourists. The experience of going around the town and the old fishing villages are far better when you come here during the low season. You can experience the history and tradition of the region through its monuments, food culture and festivals. The warm welcome that one receives by the inhabitants of these towns compels tourists to visit again. The weather is pleasant and perfect for everything and you can appreciate the destination at your own pace.

Plenty of activities to enjoy all year round

Shopping: There are endless things you can shop for. From handicrafts to shoes,  bags, toys and rugs, simply anything and everything! The weekly markets are a different experience altogether, but the designer shops are equally great places to enjoy shopping.

Dining and Nightlife: The restaurants in the region are primarily known to serve the most delicious rice dishes, but you can also enjoy a wide variety of seafood here. The cuisine is influenced by Mediterranean taste and the dishes are served with a dash of history and tradition mixed with it. Great chefs, Michelin star restaurants, traditional cooking, plenty of vegetables, Alicante wines and a warm hospitable ambiance makes the destination a foodie’s paradise.

There are also plenty of clubs, bars and pubs in Alicante. The lively nightlife here is one of the best in entire Spain.

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