Alassio: a pearl of Liguria

August, 10 2021 ( Updated August, 18 2021)

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One of the most popular towns during the summer vacations in beautiful Liguria is Alassio — a tourist resort with natural beauty, tourist attractions, and a spectacular sea. 

The Alassio beaches with their fine sand are really unique and reminiscent of the Adriatic coast. In fact, unlike many other Ligurian destinations, here, the sea water-level lowers gradually and not suddenly. 

But what else can you see besides enjoying the sun on the beaches? Keep reading and you will know!

One of the most famous attractions in Alassio is the Muretto di Alassio that, in 2007, led to its recognition as the "city of lovers”. Created in 1953 from the idea of two artists; Mario Berrino, a Ligurian painter, and the famous novelist Ernest Hemingway, this wall is adorned with colourful ceramic tiles and the signatures of many famous people.

The story of its conception is quite interesting, too. At the time, Berrino was the owner of a bar called Caffè Roma located just in front of the wall, while the English writer was in Liguria to admire the beauty of which he had often heard about. During this time, the two met in the artist's bar and decided to create this well-known muretto. 

It is also curious how this attraction gave name to the beauty contest — Miss Muretto — that has seen many stars of the show business become famous in Alassio. But after several years, this contest was brought to an end by Berrino’s nephew to restore the true essence of the wall.

Muretto di Alassio 

Another place that deserves to be visited are the Gardens of Villa Della Pergola. Its perfect Anglo-Mediterranean style park adjacent to the ancient villa is 22-thousand square meters in size. Here, you can admire and photograph a big variety of local plants as well as the ones from different parts of the world. 

Undoubtedly appreciated by tourists, is the heart of this town located on the sea; a mix of ancient remains and modernity of the new buildings, where you can find boutiques, cafes, bistros, and more.

Mole leading to Alassio

So, are you thinking of soaking up the beaches and architectural beauty of Alassio? 

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