Chamonix: Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

August, 10 2021 ( Updated August, 18 2021)


Every year, Chamonix becomes a centre of strength, endurance, courage and festivities for a week as the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) commences in this world-renowned ski resort. 

UTMB is a celebration of human spirit and determination through seven different races of varying lengths and difficulty levels attracting more than an impressive 10,000 ultra-runners to the Mont Blanc massif in the past.

The runners tread up to 171-kilometres-long challenging trails that follow Tour Du Mont Blanc and go into France, Italy and Switzerland. However, the most famous and challenging trail of them all is the event homonym, the UTMB race. This race is also perhaps one of the toughest on-foot races in the world, wherein the participants circumnavigate the magnificent Mont Blanc through tough weather and intense fatigue.  

After a cancelled UTMB in 2020 due to the pandemic, this year Chamonix will once again play host to the high spirits of UTMB runners and spectators from the 23-29 of August.

So let’s together find out what is there to do in and around Chamonix during the UTMB!

UTMB takes place when summer slowly recedes to bring in autumn, making the weather ideal to visit Chamonix and the nearby host villages, like Les Houches, Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains, Flégère, Le Tour.

Les Houches

With multiple race-related events like live meet and greets, podcasts, product expos going on throughout this spectacular event, the onlookers of UTMB are in for a truly one-of-its-kind experience. When accompanied by a festive atmosphere in Chamonix, with drinks, food and live performances, this year-round holiday destination becomes even more inviting. 

Les Chéserys lakes, near Chamonix

Everyone, from spectators to runners to elite trail racers, flocks to vibrant Chamonix to witness this breathtaking spectacle of human perseverance and strength. So, the main square in Chamonix, which is the starting point of the race, becomes the best place to fully enjoy the UTMB unique lively ambience and get a good glimpse of the first-line runners! 

However, this year’s regulations are constantly changing so it is advised to check the official website of the event for updated information.


In any case, you can enjoy the celebratory mood, the iconic roars of the onlookers and volunteers in the nearby host villages as well.

Must-Know: If you plan to cheer on these amazing racers during the run, then it is recommended to do so mainly from the aid stations.

Since the UTMB is a seven-days-long event, there is a constant atmosphere of loud cheers, anticipation and encouragement as runners keep coming through the finish line. So, even if you are not a runner, you can still get swept by pure emotions as you watch the race reaching its finale and runners crossing the UTMB arc in Chamonix. As for participants, this event is a great coming together of some of the best international and elite runners, so there is much to learn from meeting fellow participants in the exciting days leading up to the event.

So, be a runner or a first-time spectator, are you ready to be a part of this iconic race and enjoy the exciting week of UTMB

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