A Road Trip on Sorrento Coast

August, 04 2021 ( Updated August, 04 2021)

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Characterised by a remarkable production of lemons and citrusy fragrance all around, the Sorrentine Coast is perhaps most-renowned for a charming road trip. This beautiful peninsular region has a soothing Mediterranean atmosphere, several seafront towns and a breathtaking location on a promontory that gives the whole region a distinct charm and air.

With such alluring ambiance and a picturesque coast sprinkled with small towns and typical villages, the Sorrentine coast becomes perfect for a cruising road trip in Italy.

So, let us ride together into the various things to see and do here.

Explore this captivating Italian coast lined by Monti Lattari, by starting from Sant’ Agnello. With our best holiday homes located in this characteristic Sorrentine village, you will have no trouble finding a place from where you can head to the lovely Piazza Matteotti.


At the piazza, take out a few moments to stroll around and visit the war memorial by the famous artist Giovanni Nicolini. Next, head to the nearby church dei Santi Prisco e Agnello and take in the beauty of its baroque facade and Gustavo Mancinelli’s work illustrating the Madonna with the infant Jesus at the altar. If you find yourself in time for the holy mass, then stay back a while and take in the lively atmosphere of the choir.

From here on, you can directly head to Sorrento by taking Corso Italia, or as it is famously called, the Sorrentina. 

Sorrento has been welcoming exclusive guests for centuries and has vibrant shopping streets, lip-smacking cuisine including baked gnocchi “alla sorrentina” and Naples pizza, and a highly developed traditional artwork that needs to be taken home as souvenirs.

Tip: Take back the world-famous ceramics and intarsio wood furniture of Sorrento, or one of the delicately crafted terracotta sculptures at Marcello Aversa’s Studio d’Arte


Once you reach Sorrento, make your way to Piazza Tasso, a square dedicated to the famous 16th-century poet, Torquato Tasso. This main square in Sorrento is an ideal starting point to discover just about everything that the city has to offer.

But the first thing that should be on your list is the Cathedral of Sorrento, which is worth a visit for its marble altar and pulpit. Then, from the cathedral, you can easily walk to the two main streets of Sorrento that offer exquisite yet totally different shopping experiences!

Out of the two, Via San Cesareo offers a very lively atmosphere, souvenir shops and bars, while Corso Italia provides charming walkable streets lined with bigger shops, restaurants and boutiques. In any case, you’ll be able to get a taste of the delicious Limoncello, a specialty liquor made from Sorrentine lemons.

Later, stop at the Valley of Mills nestled right behind Piazza Tasso and take a quick peek at this peculiar natural phenomenon that separates the peninsula from the sea. Then continue walking from the piazza towards Marina Grande, where typical Sorrentine cuisine consisting of a vast variety of seafood will invite you out for a nice and filling lunch.

Tip: When accompanied by a visit to the sandy beach and the little Chiesa Di Sant’Anna, Marina Grande makes for a nice and distinctive stop on your excursion.

Marina Grande

Now, as the evening comes and the heat starts to lessen, go ahead and refresh yourself at Bagni Regina Giovanna (a 10-minutes drive from Piazza Tasso). This captivating hidden cove made of clear waters, villa ruins, and vibrant greenery all around is excellent for swimming, relaxing as well as rejuvenating you for the rest of your trip.
Bagni Regina Giovanna

The one thing that should not be missed while exploring the Sorrentine coast are the arresting panoramic views of the gulf. These views can be admired from various locations on the coast, but the most extraordinary one is at Massa Lubrense

Located at about a 20-minutes drive from Sorrento, Massa Lubrense’s ancient creek, Baia di Ieranto, which was once thought to be the home of sirens, now provides the chance of witnessing stunning sunsets over the sea.

Baia di Ieranto

Lastly, staying over in a holiday home in Sant’ Agata dei due Golfi is a great way to top off your trip. Here, make a quick visit before or after dinner to the Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie belonging to the 16th-C Florentine School. Combine your visit with a sumptuous and appetizing dinner date with your loved ones at any of the exquisite restaurants ranging from beachfront to traditional family-run to vegetarian-friendly.

Additionally, it is really convenient to get to the Amalfi coast from here if you want to continue your trip along the peninsula. Therefore, be it with family or with friends, the Sorrento Coast surely makes for a fulfilling and memorable road trip with the diverse destinations and experience it offers.

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