Extraordinary Crete: Ideas for an adventurous vacation in the largest Greek Island

July, 26 2021 ( Updated August, 02 2021)


Crete’s incredible terrain is home to almost 400 gorges, numerous caves and the bluest of blue waters. In fact, this Greek island has so many hidden natural jewels and fascinating wild as well as marine life, that the best way to explore it is by hiking, snorkelling, diving and even bungee jumping from its various natural monuments.

Since we discovered how to have a relaxing vacation in Crete, now let’s dive right into the sea of adrenaline activities to do here.

Read on to find about the adventurous things to do in extraordinary Crete.


Repeated erosion of the Cretan mountains has given us some of the most stunningly beautiful gorges full of waterfalls, amazing natural formations, and paths of varying breadth that add to the exhilaration of trekking. 

Crete’s gorges range from Europe’s longest canyon the famous 18-kilometres long Samaria Gorge to shorter and family-friendly trails like the one at Imbros, to Rouvas and Agios Nikolaos Gorges, which are a sight of the spellbinding natural beauty of Crete. 

Amazingly, almost all regions of Crete have their fair share of canyons, so no matter if you are in Chania or Heraklion or Lassithi, there is always a breathtaking gorge waiting nearby.

Tip: If you love wildlife, then always be on the lookout for Crete’s wild goats, ravens and griffon vultures while trekking. 

Imbros Gorge, Crete

Scuba Diving 

Crete’s rich natural and cultural history preserved in its crystal clear waters is best uncovered and learned through scuba diving. 

Mostly done in the northern part of the island, you can explore actual shipwrecks at Karpathos or dive into the one-of-its-kind magical beauty of underwater stalactite and stalagmite Elephant Cave at Chania. But these are only two names, this magnificent island is actually a treasure chest of such underwater caves, shipwrecks and reefs. 

Luckily, there are also beginner’s diving spots such as Blue Cave for first-timers!
Elephant Cave, Crete


Undoubtedly, sipping a cocktail and relaxing at the beaches is the best of Crete. But warm temperatures, rocky seabeds and extremely clear waters make this Mediterranean island a heaven for snorkelling as well. 

Beaches like Kalivaki in the Rethymnon area as well as Plakias and Chrissi Island are some of the most amazing spots to snorkel and get to know the curious marine life of this Mediterranean island. 

Tip: Go towards the south for the best snorkelling experience, where you will also find Plakias beach.

Snorkelling in the clear blue sea


For more easy-going yet adventurous experiences, Kayaking is the way to go. Float over grassy rivers, underground caves or the vast ocean and test the impressive buoyancy and clarity of the Aegean Sea.

Themed Parks

Crete’s aqua parks are a thrill in themselves. They offer opportunities to get up and close to sea animals at aquariums like Aquaworld or enjoy the island’s tallest, fastest and most exciting water rides at Acqua Plus

While, the marvellous outdoor area, Labyrinth Park, allows you to wander off in the mythological Minoan maze and also enjoy archery, horse riding, mini-golf and many fun-filled activities that are enough to engage everyone for hours.

So, are you excited to plan your next Greek holiday? 

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