Top suggestions by our local expert for a family holiday in Slovenia

July, 21 2021 ( Updated July, 21 2021)

Fun for kids

A rich history, untouched nature and amusing fairy tales combined with modern parks, fun educational trails and adventure sports, make Slovenia a kid’s paradise for travelling. But to have the absolute best experience while exploring this country with your loved ones, we asked our very own local expert, Maja, for her advice. 

She told us that Slovenia has an endless number of places where both you and your kids can have a great time together. 

So, let’s discover these family-friendly places in Slovenia as suggested by Maja!

Thermal and Water Parks

Say “Arrghh” on pirate ships or slide down the epic King Cobra water slide at Thermal Park Aqualuna in Podčetrtek. This amazing water park not only has thrilling water activities for kids, but also warm pools, steam baths and zen resting areas for adults. 

Another excellent water park, Aquapark Atlantis, features an impressive number of pools for all ages, swim-through caves, water games and a sauna. This water park easily makes for a full day of endless fun and relaxation just outside of Ljubljana.

Immersive Experiences in charming Celje

Kids’ curious nature finds its perfect home at the only children’s museum in Slovenia called Herman’s Den. Guided by Herman, the fox, here not only children but adults can learn about Slovenian and world heritage through creativity, innovation and toys from the world over!

However, for families with young adults, Tehno Park’s world of natural sciences is a really fascinating experience. Being one of the most advanced interactive parks in Slovenia, here science meets real life through interesting and mind-challenging exhibits, including illusions.

Panoramic view of Celje, Styria

Explore Slovenia’s exceptional nature through experience parks

Unique and fairy-tale-like experiences offer great opportunities to lose yourself in Slovenia’s enchanting nature. Landscaped into various parks for everyone to enjoy, Slovenia’s experience parks especially celebrate the country’s profound nature and culture.

At Witches Hut in Podčetrtek, you’ll be immediately transported to a magical atmosphere where the animated Carrot family will re-introduce you to Slovenia’s fairytales Kekec and Bedanc and the lovely olden days of ‘The life grandma and grandpa knew!’

Perched at the top of Mt. Rogla surrounded by the magnificent Bavarian forest, the TreeTop Walk truly presents a one-of-its-kind experience.

In focus: A breathtaking bird’s eye view of nature and an 80-metre long dry slide that takes you directly from the top of the building to its bottom!

TreeTop Walk at the top of Mount Rogla

Slovenia’s Extraordinary Tradition of Beekeeping

Every traveller who wants to explore real Slovenia must introduce themselves to its long and distinct history of beekeeping and grey honeybees. Polhov Gradec with large beekeeping exhibitions and Bee’s Road near Radovljica are the best places suggested by our local team to witness Slovenia’s proud tradition and immense respect for these little helpers of nature.

Modern Entertainment and Theme Parks

If your kids are up for more modern fun, then there is the wonderful park WOOP! in Ljubljana, with go-karting and a trampoline park for endless fun. Meanwhile, Jurassic movies’ fans can go to Dino park near the beautiful town of Bled, where they will find giant dinosaur statues and many attractions that will transport them to the time before humans existed on earth!

Educational Trails

Our amazing local expert will also tell you about the immense love of nature and ecology that the Slovenians share. She adds that there is no better way of experiencing the unspoilt nature than through educational trails. These trails, which are spread across all the regions of this child-friendly country, are a perfect mix of adventure, fun and learning.

Lake Cerknica, Inner Carniola

There is the Drvošec Educational Trail near Lake Cerknica, Marsh Pixie Trail — an easy family trail with a chance to meet the animals who live in the marshes — the adventurous Grumble Bear Trail in Bohinjska Bela, and many more waiting to be enjoyed by your entire family.

So, are you ready to book your next vacation with kids? Have a look at our family-friendly holiday homes in Slovenia.


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