Travelling in Europe This Summer: Covid-19 Protocols for Safe Holidays

June, 28 2021 ( Updated August, 25 2021)


The moment has come. You can officially plan your summer holiday. And our team at Happy Holiday Homes has been looking forward to welcoming you again in one of our holiday homes across Europe. 

However, as you know, making your summer plans this year can be quite confusing with countries often changing their regulations. That’s why we have gathered for you all travel guidelines to allow you to think only about packing your bags and heading to these wonderful destinations. 

Read on for the entry requirements, mandatory travel forms and general COVID-19 precautions to travel safely and get that holiday mood going.


Greece has allowed tourists to travel around its islands with some required documents and travel instructions. In fact, it was one of the first European countries that decided to welcome back tourists and gave priority to easy travelling across the country already before June.


Croatia has also done its part for a worry-free holiday by awarding over 16,000 “Stay Safe in Croatia” labels nationally to various accommodations, including Happy Holiday Homes properties. In addition to this, Croatia is also fully set to help tourists if they, unfortunately, get the COVID-19 virus. So, what are you waiting for to enjoy the clear blue Adriatic Sea, beautiful islands and enchanting national parks of Croatia?


Lovers of French wines, coffees, and pastries will be positively surprised to know that France is allowing a hundred per cent capacity on their terraces. With the curfews being lifted and many indoor and outdoor tourist attractions opening you can truly enjoy everything France has to offer. 


Spain, the country of fun-loving people and traditional flamenco, is also open to tourists and is now welcoming fully-vaccinated travellers to its charming shores and one-of-a-kind architecture. 


The amazing Italy is now at the top of its safety game to welcome travellers. With this purpose in mind it has opened an interactive website to make it easier to find out the most current entry requirements, depending on the country of origin. Its stunning beaches and unique cultural cities have been waiting to be discovered.


Slovenia, the land of breath-taking gorges, vast valleys and medieval cities can be certainly on your list this year as it is well-equipped with a number of applications and other safety measures for the entry and secure travel of both EU and non-EU travellers. The Eastern European country is especially inclined to provide a safe haven for all those who wish to discover Slovenia this summer season.

Final Details

Though the above list is not exhaustive, it covers some of the amazing holiday destinations across Europe where you can find our beautiful holiday homes. We are ready to provide you with the best experience and the most unforgettable memories. 

However, we also recommend you to check the restrictions in place to go back to your home-country after your holiday. 

Nothing is more precious than your safety during your travels. For travel protocols in Europe you can always visit Re-open, the site created by the European Union to better understand the protocols in all the countries. You can also check out this generous FAQ about the EU digital certificates for citizens and non-citizens.

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