Ljubljana: a city that will surprise you

May, 07 2021 ( Updated May, 07 2021)


Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, is a rather intimate, cosy, and lively city that gives authentic emotions. Since it is not a very big city, you can easily visit the historic centre and its main attractions either on foot or by bike.

Ljubljana is a tourist destination that offers many points of interest, which satisfy different tastes. Here art, history, local culture and natural sites are beautifully intertwined. 


So, let’s go together to see what are the main attractions in the Slovenian capital.


Let’s start with the river that runs through the city - the Ljubljanica. A boat tour will be an alternative option to discover Ljubljana and to observe it from another point of view. You will also have the possibility to admire the several bridges dotted around the city which give it a very romantic vibe.

The Dragon Bridge, for example, is one of the most important of the city and dates back to the 1900s. It replaced an old wooden bridge and today it is one of the first European bridges made of reinforced concrete. The Dragon Bridge is composed of four-winged and fierce dragons positioned on the bridge’s four sides which guard the city and the river flowing under it. The dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana: according to mythology, the city was born after the Greek hero Jason defeated the dragon near the source of the river. 

Another attraction not to be missed is the city's library called the National and University Library (NUK). Besides being an extensive library, where you can find ancient manuscripts from the Middle Ages and Renaissance prints, it is a true cultural and artistic monument. The structure is an irregular four-storey framework, with two inner courtyards and four wings. The exterior facade is whimsical and made of red bricks and stone blocks placed randomly. The impressive interior staircase, made of marble, leads to the reading room: a unique atmosphere that is well worth experiencing.

Walking around Ljubljana you will get lost among the stalls of the famous market, where you can find everything really—from local delicacies to all types of food, flowers, plants and handicrafts. 


Two other very significant attractions are the Ljubljana Castle and Tivoli Park, both located just outside the city but reached easily. 


Ljubljana Castle stands on a hill and is the oldest in the city. In past times, it had different functions; from being a noble residence to serving as barracks and military hospital, and finally a penitentiary. Today, the castle is visited by tourists from all over the world and it hosts exhibitions, events, and shows of various kinds.


The Tivoli Park is the largest and most lush of Ljubljana; here, you can find tree-lined avenues, paths with various geometric shapes, gardens with statues and fountains, and a botanical garden and a pond. Enjoying a beautiful walk, you can also reach the Tivoli Castle, where you can visit the Tivoli Gallery—the International Center of Graphic Art—and another castle that houses the Museum of Contemporary Slovenian History. The perfect mix of nature, art and history. 


Ljubljana is a fascinating destination in the heart of Slovenia, where art, culture, and ancient traditions blend with nature and scenic beauty. Take a look here at our holiday homes in the city!


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