A Day Trip in Málaga

April, 23 2021 ( Updated April, 23 2021)


Known by many as the heart of Costa del Sol, Málaga is much more than sun and beaches. Second only to Seville in importance and size, this Andalusian city is full of history, culture and amazing scenery to be discovered.

So what is there to see in one day if you are near Málaga? Let's find out together.

You may not know this, but Málaga has its roots in a distant past and was colonised by various populations, such as the Romans. If you want to experience this piece of ancient history, you can visit the Roman Theatre for free. Just a few minutes there are enough to take you back in time! Dating back to the first century AD, it was rediscovered only in 1951. 

Not only the Romans but also the Arabs dominated the city of Málaga. As evidence of their influence, you can see the Alcazaba and the Castle of Gibralfaro, two Arab fortresses connected to each other by means of a long wall and from which you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. These buildings are an example of defensive architecture and can be visited inside too.

Málaga is rather small but very walkable. In the city centre, you can stroll around Calle Larios, the city’s beating heart. Between restaurants, bars, boutiques and more, you should stop to drink a Cerveza, the typical beer of this area! Also, the Málaga Cathedral is worth a visit: it’s a building with apparent references to the Renaissance and the Andalusian culture inside. This cathedral is also nicknamed "La Manquita" because, to date, the right tower of the building remains unfinished.

Málaga is also renowned for being the birthplace of Picasso. Every corner of the city has a reference to the artist. Here in Plaza De La Merced, and still quite in the centre, stands the Picasso Museum, which houses a series of paintings by the famous artist who marked Cubism’s artistic current.

Another attraction not to be missed is Plaza de Toros  — or “Malagueta” — which is one of the biggest bullrings in Spain. In this square, bullfighting takes place periodically. You can assist at one of the shows after buying a ticket.

If you visit Malaga in the summer season, you can’t miss a stop at one of the beaches. Peaceful and quiet or touristic and equipped? The choice is yours. Also in summer, usually in August, is held the Feria of Málaga, also called "Gran Fiesta” — an event involving foreign tourists and locals, featuring dances, shows, and historical reenactments all around the city. During the day, the event is held in the heart of the Andalusian city, while in the evening, it moves to a particular area that can be reached by using the dedicated shuttle buses. 

Art, history and crystal clear waters make Málaga a must-see destination if you are in the area. 

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