Bagni Vecchi di Bormio: a plunge into the past

February, 05 2021 ( Updated February, 05 2021)


If you are planning your holiday in the beautiful Livigno, you must stop in Bormio and treat yourself to a day of wellness at the famous Bagni di Bormio


The baths are divided into: Bagni Vecchi and Bagni Nuovi.


In this article, we'll talk more about the Bagni Vecchione the most fascinating and evocative experiences that goes beyond just wellness to offer breathtaking views, unspoilt nature and ancient history. You will be surprised to know that the ancient structure of Bagni Vecchi dates back to the early Middle Ages


The Bagni Vecchi are just 3 km from the centre of Bormio, and less than 1 hour from the ski resort of LivignoEverything you need to access at the wellness areas is provided on site so you don't have to worry about anything. And if you feel like a tasty snack during the day, you will not only find a nice bistro where you can enjoy many delicacies, but also an "aperiterme" service i.e. an aperitif in your bathrobe to end your experience in the best way. 


In addition to the thermal path, which we will see together, an additional service are massages and treatments for moments of total relaxation. 


The journey certainly begins with the thermal pool. From this pool, perched on a cliff, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire valley of Bormio. The thermal pool has a small wall on which you can rest and admire the surrounding nature. There is also an area with whirlpool. It is definitely a unique experience in summer, but in winter, it is even more special when the panorama is snow-covered. 

 For those who love steam bath, there is the Grotta Sudatoria or Grotta di San Martino which is a natural grotto. It was built in 1827 and consists of two galleries carved into the rock that are over 50 metres long. From this path, you can admire one of the thermal water springs. 

In the first gallery there is the TrepidariumLaconicu and Frigidarium, with icy water, while in the second you can try from the Calidarium with hot thermal water. 


Two other baths, which take you back in time are located in the Roman Baths. A true return to antiquity in an evocative atmosphere. One of the 9 thermal water springs can be found in these baths.


Those who prefer saunas should try the Medieval Baths, a detoxifying path for body care in an ancient and evocative setting. One of the three saunas is particularly popular because of its lavender scent. 


If you want to combine physical and mental wellbeing, we recommend the Bagni Imperiali, an invigorating course with various baths, including hydro-massage baths, alternating with panoramic relaxation areas with views. 


Lastly, make sure to include the Archduchess Baths which was built back in 1825 for the Archduchess of Austria. The plunge pool is a real gem that will leave your skin soft and moisturised. This pool for up to 6 people is always very popular thanks also to the relaxation areas around it. 


And in between all thisdon’t forget to enjoy an herbal tea on offer!

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