Kranjska Gora: a ski destination in Slovenia you can’t miss!

January, 20 2021 ( Updated August, 04 2021)


We are in Slovenia, or rather in Kranjska Gora to be more precise, in the heart of the Julian Alps, sharing its border with Italy and Austria. 


This town, which has always been renowned as a ski destination of international renown, is a historic and ancient village with a little over five thousand inhabitants.


Suitable for both summer and winter activities, this village manages to amaze the tourists who come here every year to spend a few days among the beautiful ski complexes during the winter season


Let's explore the winter activities that are not to be missed in Kranjska Gora!


For lovers of pure skiing, the location is ideal for practicing the sport. From the town right up to Planica, the ski slopes scattered on the peaks of Mount Vitranc vary in altitude- from 800 meters to about 1200 meters. 

The 13 cable cars and 6 chair lifts spread throughout the ski resort will get you to your favorite slopes. 


For children or even for adults who do not want to engage in activities that are too challenging, but still want to enjoy some fun moments in the snow, there are two recommended activities.




It is a great way to treat yourself to moments of pure relaxation with family or as a couple. Especially loved by the little ones, skating has always been a very popular activity. There is a skating rink in front of the Ramada Hotel & Suites. But for those who want an even more romantic experience, Lake Jasna becomes a natural skating rink in winter. It is very impressive to say the least


Tobogganing and Snowshoeing


You can walk in the snow and enjoy the surrounding landscape wearing snowshoes. Whether during the day or at night, this experience is unique. At night, thanks to the flashlights, snowshoeing turns into a magical moment where you can admire the sunset or the light of the moon. Tobogganing is also a very popular activity for young and old alike. It is pure fun!


One last activity on the snow that we want to suggest to those who love adventure is iceclimbing. It is a more extreme kind of sport that should be practiced with caution and with an expert guide. Climb the famous frozen waterfall in Gozd Martuljek, called Lucifer. Let the name not scare you! For those who are curious, but not familiar with this sport, we recommend the Mlačca gorge in Mojstrana which is well equipped to try this activity safely. 


This winter destination offers a variety of activities which are not only suitable for adventure lovers but also for those who want to try snow sports for the first time. The activities range from the most extreme to the gentlestAll you need to do is just choose the one that suits you best! 


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