A Day Trip in Lucerne: what to see

January, 05 2021 ( Updated January, 07 2021)


If you are planning to stay in Ticino, then the multifaceted city of Lugano should be the region of your choice because of the many places of interest that you can visit here. Without a doubt, one of these is the town of Lucerne.


A little over two hours by car from Lugano, Lucerne is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the beautiful offerings of Switzerland. Located on the north-western shore of Lake Lucerne (also known as Lake Four Cantons), the city offers an authentic mix of medieval history and architecture, natural beauty, shopping and lots of fun.


Surrounded by the Swiss Alps and tucked in by the lake, this small town with its purely nordic vibe is a delight for all visitors. The natural wonders of the place act as the frame of an equally amazing picture that comprises not only of monuments, squares, places of significance, but also shopping streets, where the scent of chocolate will be in abundance.


The characteristic of Lucerne are its bridges which connect various areas of interest. It is a very picturesque and unique town, particularly if you are going around on foot.


What to do in beautiful Lucerne in a day?


First, visit the historic Kapellbrücke, or Chapel Bridge which is the oldest covered bridge in Europe. The wooden bridge, dating back to the 14th century, is rich in ancient motifs and serves as the symbol of the old city. This pedestrian bridge is among the most popular attractions for tourists from around the world. Here flows the Reuss river, the emissary of Lake Lucerne, offering unique shots for souvenir photos.

Adjacent to the bridge is the Chapel Square or Kapellplatz, the most famous square in Lucerne which takes its name from the Chapel of St. Peter located here.


Its many streets, magical corners, squares made unique by the typical Swiss buildings- houses with exposed wooden planks in a typical Nordic style and frescoed and majestic palaces- await visitors.


Walking through the historic center, you can also admire the town hall, characterized by the famous clock tower. The building, reminiscent of Renaissance and Gothic architecture has arches that are now used for the market (it is no coincidence that the square is called Kornmarkt, or the grain market).


Another point of interest, about 15 minutes’ walk from the center, is the lion monument, or more simply Lion of Lucerne. The monument depicts a lion lying on the ground, dying. It was built in the memory of the 600 Swiss Guards killed during the French Revolution.


The Glacier Garden, dating back to 1872, is an attraction modelled on the Ice Age. It also has a very ancient beach. There are many attractions worth exploring within the museum park.


Not far away from here are the famous Musegg walls built in the 1400s to defend the city. Within the walls, 9 towers remain in excellent condition of which only three can be visited. The view of the city and Lake Lucerne in all its splendour from the walls and towers is breathtaking


There are various trails to be explored in both summer and winter seasons around Mount Pilatus. Reaching the mountain from the town is easy and effortless. A cable car takes one to the mountain and then another one to its summit. Another way to reach the mountain is the ancient rack railway which takes you to the top in 30 minutes. It has a maximum gradient of 48% and is the steepest track in the world.


And what about those who love art? Do not miss the Rosengart Collection, an exhibition of valuable works by two legendary artists: Klee and Picasso.


Lucerne is a small jewel in the heart of Switzerland that combines art, nature, architecture and ancient history.

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