Infiorita: The Flower Festival of Ispra

March, 31 2016 ( Updated August, 09 2017)

Lake Maggiore

The quest for picturesque landscape, spectacular lake views, beautiful gardens and interesting villas has always brought people to the shores of Lake Maggiore. But this year, there is one more reason to visit the destination.

The beautiful town of Ispra will be hosting the second edition of InFiorita this year on May 21 and 22 and you can’t miss this!

InFiorita, which literally translates into “in bloom” in English, is a nice fair of horticulture, gardening, taste and well-being. The fair is a cultural and natural extravaganza. On these two days, flowers of different colours, products for gardening, nursery and exterior furnishing will be showcased along the shore of the lake in the pedestrian area that departs to the harbour.
Those interested in gardening and horticulture attend the two-day fair to know more about flowers, foods and fruits. Another highlight of the event is the performance by the Ispra Blues Band on the night of the 21st May. InFiorita is quite popular among both tourists and locals. In its first year, the fair attracted about 30,000 visitors and hopes to welcome more people this year.

Ispra, like all the towns on the shore of Lake Maggiore, is known for its lush green Mediterranean vegetation. In the fine weather of spring, along the charming blue water of the lake, the numerous gardens and parks which are in full bloom around this time present a spectacular view. The town can be easily reached by car, bus and train. It has quite a lively environment which appeals to the tourists and is known for its prehistoric monuments, villas and gardens.

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