Croatia in winter: Plitvice Lakes

December, 15 2020 ( Updated December, 15 2020)


Croatia is an ideal popular destination during summer because of its crystal clear sea, breathtaking cliffs and very characteristic seaside villages. It is a mix of attractions, relaxation, fun in the wild and untouched nature.


A few hours drive from the coast, is one of the places for which Croatia is known — the Plitvice Lakes nestled in the National Park of the same name. The park includes as many as 16 lakes, and is a zone of crystal clear waters and green areas; a rare sight that attracts thousands of tourists every year. 


However, perhaps not everyone knows that the Plitvice Lakes National Park is a destination not to be missed during the coldest season either when its appearance changes radically, but its beauty remains intact.


The sixteen lakes, halfway between the Croatian capital, Zagreb and Zadar, in Dalmatia, receive water from the two rivers Bijela Rijeka and Crna Rijeka as well as underground rivers. The lakes are in turn interlocked with each other by several very scenic waterfalls that flow into the Korana River. 


Plitvice Lakes are also very popular with children because they recreate a fairytale atmosphere. Thanks to the wooden walkways (about 18 km) overflowing with water, you will feel as if you are immersed in the lakes themselves. In fact, the entrance ticket also includes various transportation like trains or electric boats to move comfortably inside the park. 


During the winter, we recommend you to visit this fantastic destination even if you have already admired it in other seasons. Snow falls almost always in this area every year, so you can enjoy a unique and exciting panorama. But obviously in winter there are many variables. For instance, it can so happen, though very rarely, that the park is closed due to heavy snow fall or that only the lower area remains open.


This park is in fact divided into a lower area, where there are smaller lakes, and an upper area where you can admire the spectacle of the waterfalls — perhaps also the most famous and suggestive of the whole park. 

For those who love skiing, you can practice this sport from the entrance near the village Mukinje, where there are easier slopes suitable for children as well who want to use the toboggan. 


A destination that will make you feel unique emotions even in the coldest months with frozen waterfalls, the colour of emerald water standing out in the white snow, and all around, a snowy landscape.

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