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December, 01 2020 ( Updated June, 11 2021)

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For years now, dogs have been considered as real family members and not mere pets.


It is said that dogs are man's best friend, and that's right: our four-legged friends are gifted with intelligence, sensitivity and great intuition. That's why becoming friends is so easy.


But why are we telling you about dogs in this blogpost? Essentially because data suggests that a pet-friendly holiday home is not only an added value for those who have a four-legged friend, but also a considerable gain for your wallet.


One of the biggest problems that families encounter when booking a holiday home is not being able to find properties that also welcome their furry friends. This leads to frustration and waste of money for those families who are looking for a pet-friendly solution but often cannot find it. The cause of their frustration is, as already mentioned, a dog is part of the family unit, almost like a child; leaving it in a dog boarding house makes the owners unhappy and they often experience anxiety due to this separation.

So making your home accessible even for four-legged friends is an advantage for everyone: for the owners, for the dogs themselves and for you too.


Let's look at the last point more closely!


The demand in the market for pet-friendly homes is constantly growing, but the supply is not at the same level. Here's how, in this case, having a pet-friendly home will make home owners stand out in the housing market.


Pet-friendly properties earn 10-20% higher rental income than those which do not accept dogs, but also a higher occupancy over the year. The vacation rental will not only be occupied more, but often for longer periods than a traditional property where dogs cannot enter.


This translates into an advantage for guests too. The savings made by not paying for leaving the dog in special pensions can thus be spent without second thoughts on taking their dogs with them on the vacation. The rental income will also increase because guests are sure to pay extra for a pet-friendly vacation rental.


Furthermore, as already mentionedit should not be forgotten that it will certainly avoid separation anxiety for families which will in turn lead them to have a great memory at the property and potentially make them regular guests.


A good first impression is the key.


Don't forget the issue of “low season” too. When it comes to taking a few days off in the off-season months, customers tend to book at the last minute. Perhaps this happens because they manage to have a few days off from work without knowing beforehand. It is not easy for a dog owner to find accommodation immediately, such as a boarding house, a dog sitter or a relative. Sometimes it is impossible to find someone in such a short time! This is why, in this case too, having a pet-friendly holiday home is good for owners and plus, even during the off-season, they will be able to make a profit.


Obviously, even in the high season, proposing a home for a friendly is no small incentive to your earnings.


We may not have convinced you because you fear that the house will be left dirty or ruined. You don't have to worry about this as cleaning the property is a part of the services we offer our homeowners. We use professional and qualified cleaning companies that will make your home shine after the departure of a guest and before the arrival of another and also if you are planning a holiday at your home.


You no longer have anything to fear for hosting even your four-legged friends and making your holiday home welcoming for them too!

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