4 attractions in Garfagnana you can’t miss

November, 17 2020 ( Updated November, 17 2020)


If you love the sea but don't want to give up the charm of unspoiled nature at the same time, Tuscany is the region for you. Today, we will discover a Tuscan hinterland, the closest and easily reachable valley from the Versilia coast: The Garfagnana, a few miles from Lucca.


A land of ancient traditions, villages rich in history, unspoiled nature and characteristic flavorsGarfagnana brings together art, nature and good food to create a unique experience.


Lake Vagli and its suspension bridge should definitely be in the itinerary of anyone visiting this place. The lake, although man-made, has a truly magical history. Buried under the basin of Vagli, there is a ghost town that is completely submerged. Only on rare occasions when the dam is emptied, the village emerges, presenting an incredible sight. 


For the more courageous tourists, a suspension rope bridge has been built that crosses the lake. Please note that walking on the bridge is suitable only for those who do not suffer from vertigo.


At Borgo Mozzano, do not miss the Ponte della Maddalena bridge, popularly known as Ponte del Diavolo. The river Serchio flows through this bridge. It is a wonderful example of medieval architecture that was once used by pilgrims who traveled from the Via Francigenato Rome.


Another recommended stop for those who want to visit the natural beauty of Garfagnana on their way from Versilia is the Orecchiella Park. It is especially loved by children. In the park, you can find large green areas, discover the mountain ecosystems and find friendly animals. There is also a really interesting museum dedicated to natural cycles and habitats. The entire park is full of areas where you can enjoy a picnic surrounded by several ponds to further enhance the beauty of the place. There is no shortage of bars and dining options here where you can taste the typical dishes of the area. A little further, there is a mountain garden where you can observe different species of flowers. If you continue walking, you will find an area dedicated to animals.


The Verrucole Fortress, not far from the park, is another recommended attraction. It is an ancient castle that dates back to medieval times. One can also go inside the castle. For families, it is a real experience. Often in the castle and in the open areas around it, there are people dressed in period costumes that will take you back in time.


In addition to these tips and attractions - some adventurous and some not so much- that is suitable for families with children, the various medieval villages that are located in the area are also worth visiting. One of them is Barga, a town that offers a remarkable variety of events in the area.


History, nature and landscapes along with the ancient charm of the region leave the many visitors who visit the Garfagnana every year amazed. A few miles from the beaches of Versilia, this green paradise will surprise you!

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