The Foliage train: from Piedmont to Switzerland

October, 19 2020 ( Updated November, 17 2020)

Going out

The magic of foliage returns from 17 October to 15 November with the Foliage train that connects the city of Domodossola, in Piedmont and that of Locarno, in Ticino on the Vigezzina-Centovalli railway line, considered by many to be the most evocative and panoramic train ride in Italy.


A 52 km journey through unique valleys and centuries-old woods is enjoyed best while being seated comfortably on a train with large windows, admiring the surrounding spectacle.


The foliage is the natural spectacle that takes shape in the autumn season, where red, orange and yellow leaves create a warm, intimate and enveloping atmosphere almost like in a painting. From this train, it is possible to enjoy this wonder that will surely leave children and adults enchanted. As in a romantic painting from other times, the strength of the foliage will ignite the curious eyes of the passengers who will enjoy an adrenaline-fueled experience, to say the least. There are 83 bridges and 31 tunnels along the railway network that connects the two capitals in less than two hours.


Given the health emergency, it will be possible to board the magical train only by reserving seats, with a request for a supplement if you want an exclusive panoramic view.


In addition to the train journey, it is possible to make a stop during the trip in one of the wonderful villages encountered during the journey. The 2020 novelty also includes a discount voucher of 5 - to be redeemed in the market selling local products that are held every day at the railway station of Locarno in Switzerland.


Despite the various limitations due to Covid, this year too a new edition of the spectacular journey will be held to discover foliage with some extra care for one's own health and that of others. Are you ready to get on board?

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