Single this Valentine’s Day?

February, 11 2020 ( Updated February, 11 2020)

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St Faustino

Fear not, for the Patron Saint of Singles is here! 

A single girl holds up a love heart to each eye

On the 15th February, the Lombardian city of Brescia hosts its very own annual single-friendly alternative to St Valentine’s Day. If you're single, why not grab your friends and celebrate your freedom in style!

The Feast of St Faustino and Giovita: 15th February 2020

An ancient gateway into Brescia, the venue for the annual Feast of S. Faustino

Those taking a break from a relationship this Valentines, can make the most of Single’s Day. Celebrated across Italy, this alternative annual event to Valentine’s Day is staged in the beautiful city of Brescia. The festival is named after the two patron saints of Brescia. The story goes that the two brothers Faustino and Giovita were fearless preachers of the Gospel. Emperor Hadrian had them tortured and finally beheaded in Brescia, during the year 120 AD. The brothers became Christian martyrs and coincidentally, patron saints. They are thought to have been members of a noble family from Brescia. Today they are venerated across the country and are the patron saints for their attractive, ancient hometown. 

A group of single friends having fun

Each year, the Feast of Saint Faustino and Giovita in Brescia attracts visitors and residents alike, for a fun all-day event. Stalls line the streets within the city centre, whilst live music and delicious street food can be tasted and enjoyed. The festival celebrations are also staged within the surrounding neighbourhoods of Brescia, bringing the local communities together.

A particular custom for the Feast of St Faustino and Giovita, is to give citizens named Fausta, Faustina, Faustino or Giovita preferential V.I.P treatment, so they feel extra special for the day!

A view across Brescia, with the Church of S. Faustino and Giovita in the foreground

Whilst you’re enjoying this beautiful ancient city, why not pop in and explore the Church of Saint Faustino and Giovita, which was originally attached to a 9th century monastery and has been adapted over the centuries.

A grand firework display in the evening brings a spectacular finale to a day that is full of good times and joy. Single or not, Faustino Day is all about bringing people together!

A colourful set of sparklers inscribe 'Ciao' in the night sky


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