Soak up the best of Veneto

June, 13 2019 ( Updated June, 14 2019)


Visit a unique Italian region, where Palladian classicism and the academic might of Padua entwine with the endless grandeur of Venice and two star-crossed lovers of Verona…


A timeless sunset across Verona in Veneto

A top destination for enjoying a grown-up getaway, the northern Italian region of Veneto promises tantalising tourist treats like no other!


Home to some of the greatest sites in the world, Veneto offers timeless sophistication, and a distinct appeal, all of its own making.


From the twilight canals of Venice and sweeping sunsets of 'fair Verona' to the celebrated Palladian villas which adorn the cities and idyllic countryside, the Veneto region offers superb sightseeing opportunities!

Culture around every corner…

Whilst staying in Veneto it is hard to sit still.

Whether it's enjoying a gondola ride down ‘Canal Grande’ on your way to a lavish Venetian ball, or enjoying a chilled day pottering around the world’s oldest botanical garden (established in 1545) in medieval Padua, the culturally-rich region of Veneto promises pure enchantment, and more!

Laced within the architectural layers of  the region are the Palladian jewels of Villa Valmarana, Villa Caldogno, Villa Rotunda and Villa Forni Cerato. All designed in the 1500’s by the world-renowned architect Andrea Palladio, it's easy to see why the villas have all made it on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

A view from the fields of Villa Rotunda

The city of Vicenzo is home to the unique Palladian opera house, Olimpico Teatro (another Andrea Palladio marvel). Famed for being the world’s first masonry-built theatre, it is a true sight to behold. Actors still tread the boards today and the theatre’s distinct age and style has earned itself UNESCO world heritage kudos. The spectacular theatre regularly hosts tours, as well as an annual programme of live theatre productions and music shows. The civic art and culture on offer in the 16th century Palazzo Chiericati is well worth exploring too, whilst visiting Vicenza.

Those looking to immerse themselves in all things ‘Veneto’, can dress to impress and participate in the annual Venice Carnival! The world-famous festival brings atmospheric water displays, costumed parades, breath taking carnivals, mask contests and spell-binding balls to the vibrant streets of Venice. Accompanying the decadent festival are live open-air music performances and the eccentric warmth of Italian hospitality.

A costumed couple in Venice

As the region's capital, Venice also offers superb sightseeing opportunities; with renowned landmarks such as Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Ponte di Rialto and Basilica di San Marco all on the doorstep, awaiting your discovery.

After your adventures in Venice, Verona, Padua and Vicenza, one thing is for certain - you'll be left enraptured by the rich vibrancy of the Veneto region!

Padua at sunset


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